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Do cruise ships have hair dryers? Should I bring my own?

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    Curious if cruise ships supply hair dryers in their cabins? Most big cruise lines do, but the quality can differ. If you rely on a powerful hair dryer for your styling needs, consider bringing your own. Keep reading, as I'll go into more detail and give you some handy tips for your upcoming cruise trip.

    Do cruise ships usually have hair dryers?

    Yes, most cruise ships have hair dryers in their cabins. Major cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian all provide them as a standard amenity. However, the quality and performance of these hair dryers can vary.

    They are often basic models, adequate for simple drying tasks but not always suitable for more intricate styling needs. If you have specific hair care requirements or prefer using a high-quality dryer, it's a good idea to pack your own.

    One of my friends' last cruise with Royal Caribbean, the hair dryer provided in the cabin was functional but not very powerful. It worked fine for quick drying, but he struggled to achieve the same level of styling he do at home.

    Since then, he have always brought his own travel hair dryer. This small addition to his packing list has made a big difference in his overall cruise experience.

    Do Norwegian cruise ships have hair dryers in the rooms?

    Yes, as we said, Norwegian cruise ships do include hair dryers in their cabins. This convenience means you don't have to pack your own. The provided hair dryers are sufficient for basic drying, which is great for most passengers. However, if you have a particular hair care routine or require a more powerful dryer for styling, you might find the in-room options a bit lacking. On a positive note, having a hair dryer readily available means one less item to remember and carry.

    Do Princess cruise ships have hair dryers?

    Yes, you'll find hair dryers available in the cabins on Princess cruise ships. While these onboard dryers are fine for general use, they might not meet the needs of those who require more powerful options for complex styling.

    7 smart cruise tips and things of hairstyling to know

    Here are seven smart cruise tips and hairstyling essentials to keep in mind for your next adventure:

    A travel-sized hair dryer

    While most cruise ships provide hair dryers, they might not be powerful enough for your needs. Bringing a compact, high-performance hair dryer helps you can style your hair as you like.

    Multi-purpose products

    Save space in your luggage by packing multi-use products, such as a shampoo-conditioner combo or a conditioner that doubles as a styling aid.

    A heat-resistant mat

    If you plan to use heat styling tools like flat irons or curling wands, you'd better pack a heat-resistant mat to protect the ship's surfaces.

    Travel-sized tools

    Compact versions of your favorite styling tools, such as a mini straightener or travel curling iron, can be a lifesaver and fit easily in your luggage.

    Simple styles

    Try easy, low-maintenance hairstyles while on board. Braids, ponytails, and buns can keep your hair manageable and stylish without much effort.

    Dry shampoo is a must

    You can keep your hair fresh between washes with dry shampoo. It's super handy for quick touch-ups before heading to dinner or an excursion.


    Cruises often travel to humid destinations. You can prepare anti-frizz serum or hair spray to keep your style intact despite the weather.

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