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Introducing the best hair dryer for curly hair in 2024

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Laifen blow dryers are capable of blow drying your curly hair 5.5x faster than comparable products. What's more, they feature cutting-edge ionic technology to dry your hair without the risk of frizz.

So, which is the best hair dryer for curly hair? And how do you choose the best Laifen dryer for your preferences? Read on and use our handy comparison guide to help you pick the best dryer in 2024.

What is the best hair dryer for curly hair? 3 options

Laifen's range of ionic hairdryers offers the perfect solution for blow-drying curly hair. Capable of drying hair much faster than standard ceramic dryers, our dryers achieve results trusted by stylists and influencers alike. But which Laifen dryer should you choose for your hair type? Here are four options with our specific recommendations to help you dry your hair like a pro:

Top 1. Laifen Swift Special: The best dryer and diffuser for curly hair

One of the secrets to successfully blow drying your hair is using a diffuser, and the Laifen Swift Special is one of the very best hair dryer diffusers for curly hair.

The diffuser is great for heating up your curls without overheating strands of your hair, enabling them to flow freely as you blow dry your hair. What's more, when you dry your curls with a diffuser, you can achieve much greater volume than when you user a dryer on its own.

The Swift Special comes with three attachment nozzles as standard, including a diffuser. You can choose your preferred color from petal pink, pearl white, matte black, or silver blue, and blow dry your hair with the best diffuser for curly hair.

Top 2. Laifen Swift Premium: The best blow dryer for straightening thick curly hair

The best hair dryer for curly thick hair is the Laifen Swift Premium. You can style your curly hair in any way that you choose, and you can even use the Premium to straighten and shape your curls in a completely different way.

Key to the high performance of the Laifen Swift Premium is the brushless motor and ionic technology. The negative ions work to dry your hair much more quickly (5.5x faster than most other blow dryers) and eliminate the risk of frizz.

Available in premium colors and materials, the Premium is the perfect choice if you have particularly thick curls and are looking to improve the way that you dry and style your hair.

Top 3. Laifen Swift: The best blow dryer for curly hair

The Laifen Swift is the original dryer within our range, and it's the product that made us famous. Trusted by stylists and influencers for years, the Swift has achieved a reputation as one of the best blow dryers for curly hair.

Even without a diffuser nozzle, the Swift benefits from adjustable heat and speed settings, enabling you greater control of how you blow dry your curls.

What's more, the negative ions are crucial for combatting frizz and speeding up your dry times, enabling you to dry your hair without hassle or delay.

The Swift is also super lightweight and portable and is a great option if you're looking for a travel-friendly blow dryer that is easy to carry from place to place.

A comparison of the best dryers for curly hair

Still not sure which Laifen dryer to opt for? You can use this handy comparison chart to analyse the best hair dryers for curly hair to help you make your decision:





Key Features 

Laifen Swift 

From  $265.99

Smooth nozzle 

Matte black, petal pink, silver blue, pearl white

High-performance ionic dryer with solitary attachment

Laifen Swift Special 

From  $320.99 

Smooth nozzle, styling nozzle, and diffuser nozzle 

Matte black, silver blue, petal pink, and pearl white

Identical in performance to the Swift, with additional attachments 

Laifen Swift Premium 

From  $293.99

Magnetic nozzle for everyday styling 

Golden pink, golden white, and golden blue

High-end dryer with a sophisticated color palette and whisper-quiet performance 

Each of the dryers within the Laifen range is capable of dry times that are 5.5x faster than standard dryers. They also all come with ionic technology that reduces frizz and helps you to achieve smoother, shinier hair. In other words, every Laifen dryer can help you achieve sleek, dry, curly hair, and you can choose which dryer best suits your preferences.

The verdict

All Laifen dryers are ideal for drying curly hair, however the Laifen Swift Special is perhaps the best option. This is because it comes with a diffuser nozzle as standard, which makes your life that little bit easier when blow-drying your curls and waves. Be sure to use our comparison table to help you choose the best Laifen dryer for curly hair in 2024.

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