Laifen hair dryer

Fast drying. Visible heat.
Celebrity hairstylist approved.

Visible heat.
Celebrity hairstylist approved.

Brad Mondo curly hair products recommendations: Laifen hairdryer
Brad Mondo hair products recommendation: Laifen hair dryer
Forbes endorsement: Laifen CA official

"Laifen helps literally blow moisture off the surface of your hair instead of heating and evaporating it."

GQ endorsement: Laifen CA official

"If you value efficient styling and healthy hair, the Laifen brand is the best choice."

TECH ADVISOR endorsement: Laifen CA official

"It looks great, performs well and our hair has never looked so silky or had so much body and lift."

MUO endorsement: Laifen CA official

"If you value affordability, style, and power, then the best hair dryer has your name all over it."

Techradar endorsement: Laifen CA official

"Our hair was left feeling super-smooth with a gentle shine after using this hair blow dryer."

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Intuitively powerful.

Laifen Swift Special hair dryer silver blue with 3 noozles
Laifen Swift Special with diffuser for curly hair

Swift Premium

3 premium colors to choose from.

Laifen Swift Premium hair dryers for all hair types
Laifen Swift Premium professional and quiet hair dryers

Millions love Laifen.

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