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Diffuser hair dryer guide: Features, how to use, and our top pick for 2024

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For anyone with curly or wavy hair, a diffuser hair dryer is an essential hair styling item. Rather than running the risk of overheating your hair while drying it inefficiently, a diffuser protects your hair and helps to accentuate your curls.

In this complete diffuser hair dryer guide, we explain what a diffuser is, what it does, and what its benefits are. We also introduce you to the very best diffuser hair dryer in 2024, so you can start benefitting from a diffuser hair dryer in 2024.

What is a diffuser hair dryer?

A diffuser hair dryer makes it much easier to blow dry your hair. The diffuser is actually an attachment you can fix to the end of a blow dryer.

When in place, it directs hair in multiple directions through your hair, rather than focusing all of the hot are in one place.

As a result, it can dry your hair faster and more efficiently than a standard hair dryer, and it also gives you better control when styling your curly or wavy hair.

What does a hair dryer diffuser do?

The primary role of a diffuser hair dryer is to diffuse (spread) the flow of hot air from a blow dryer to your hair. When you think about how a standard hair dryer works, the diffuser enables you to spread the hot air throughout your hair rather than focusing on one specific area.

This is hugely advantageous because it prevents your hair from drying out. Many people who use a standard dryer inadvertently focus the dryer on a specific section of their hair, but a diffuser prevents this from happening.

What's more, because a hair dryer diffuser spreads the hot air across your hair, it dries your hair much more efficiently and much quicker.

From a styling perspective, a hair dryer diffuser is a great option for people with curly or wavy hair, as it helps to add volume while maintaining your desired shape and style.

What is the best diffuser hair dryer for curly hair?

The best hair dryer with a diffuser is the Laifen Swift Special. It has the following features that help you to dry your hair to perfection:

The Laifen Swift Special is a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. As such, you can remove the diffuser when you're not using it and can style your hair in different ways.

The dryer boasts ionic technology and a powerful brushless motor. The Swift Special creates negative ions to combat frizz, which makes it one of the best diffuser hair dryers for people with curly hair.

The Swift Special is capable of drying your hair 5.5x faster than standard dryers. What's more, it comes with adjustable heat settings to further protect your hair from heat damage.

You can order the Laifen Swift Special in four brilliant colors - petal pink, pearl white, matte black, and silver blue.

As well as the diffuser nozzle, the Swift Special comes with a concentrator and smooth styling nozzle, helping you to shape and style your hair in different ways.

How to use a diffuser hair dryer: Step-by-step

Remember, one of the main benefits of using a hair dryer diffuser is that it protects your hair from heat damage and makes the hair-drying process more efficient. So, make sure you follow these steps when using the Laifen Swift Special diffuser to get the most out of it:

Step 1. Use it with low heat

For the best results, you should set your hair dryer diffuser to the lowest heat setting. This prevents your hair from tangling and can also help to eliminate frizz.

Step 2. Adjust the airflow

The Swift Special enables you to adjust the speed of the airflow as well as the heat. If you have thin hair, the low-speed setting should work fine.
Apply a curl-defining product: If you have one, you should apply a curl-defining product to your curls or waves before using the diffuser for the best outcome.

Step 3. Rotate and use correctly

You need to move the diffuser around your hair, making sure not to focus on one section for too long. It helps to tilt your head into the diffuser, instead of holding the dryer in a downward direction.

Step 4. Dry to about 80%

We recommend using the hair dryer diffuser until your hair is about 80% dry. You can then let your hair air dry, as this is a great way to add volume and bounce.

Pros & cons of using a diffuser hair dryer

As you can see, there are lots of advantages to using a diffuser hair dryer. But in the interests of balance, here are the pros and cons you should consider:



✅ If you buy a diffuser attachment, you can remove it as and when required, offering you greater flexibility when drying your hair.

❌ As a first time user, you might find a diffuser slightly difficult to use. You should watch a video tutorial to help you.

✅ When used correctly, a diffuser hair dryer can dry your hair more efficiently and more quickly than a standard dryer. 

❌ A diffuser is only really useful for people with curly and wavy hair and isn't ideal for those with straight hair. 

✅ A diffuser is excellent for styling curly and wavy hair in particular. 


✅ A diffuser offers additional protection to your hair and prevents the risk of overheating when used properly.



As you have learned from this diffuser hair dryer guide, this type of blow dryer can have numerous benefits. It can help to protect your hair from overheating, while it's also great for styling your curls and waves in a specific way.

When you opt for the Laifen Swift Special, you recieve a diffuser attachment as standard, which you can add or remove whenever you like. This is the best way to use a diffuser, as it puts you in full control over how you dry, manage, and style your hair, and means you can use your Laifen dryer for other styling goals.

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