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The best travel hair dryers: Compact options for on-the-go styling

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Scouring the market for a travel hair dryer requires time and patience. After all, there are so many different products available, with various designs, styles, and features.

At Laifen, we have designed each of our dryers to be portable, lightweight, and travel friendly. Though they aren't "travel dryers" they are perfect for taking with you as you move, whether you're traveling for work or pleasure.

Here, we explain what you should look for in a travel hair dryer, and introduce you to the four best portable dryers that will help you dry your hair like a pro, no matter where you are in the world.

What 's a good hair dryer for travel? 3 things to look for

When you're looking for a portable hair dryer to take with you on your travels, you need to find a quality, lightweight product that delivers a quality blow dry every time. We think that you need to focus on three key aspects to choose the perfect travel hair dryer for your preferences:

1. Size & weight

Naturally, you need a hair dryer that is compact, portable, and lightweight. Carrying a heavy, bulky hair dryer around with you is not an option, no matter how you plan to travel.

2. Performance

Just because you're looking for something small and lightweight, it doesn't mean you should compromise performance. The best travel hair dryers feature brushless, powerful motors to ensure a quality blow dry every time.

3. Accessories

Relying on a diffuser or concentrator nozzle is a great way to elevate your styling on the move. So, look for the best hair dryers with attachment nozzles, and consider a handy travel case to keep your dryer safe as you move.

The good news is that each Laifen dryer ticks each of the key boxes above and serves as an excellent travel hair dryer to consider. Below, we introduce the best rated travel hair dryer by experts and stylists, and reveal why your Laifen dryer will be the perfect travel companion for on-the-go styling:

Top 3 best-rated travel hair dryers

In the following, you can review the best travel blow hair dryers with their advantages.

Top 1. Laifen Swift Special: The best ionic travel hair dryer

We rate the Laifen Swift Special as the best travel ionic hair dryer. It comes with three attachments as standard, giving you total control over how you shape and style your hair on the move.

The Laifen Swift Special features ionic technology, which reduces frizz and helps to dry your hair more quickly. Ionic hair dryers are super popular and are a great option if you're planning to travel.

What's more, the Swift Special is super lightweight and extremely portable, and it’s available in several awesome colors. No matter your styling goals, the Swift Special will get the job done, no matter where you are in the world.


  • Three attachments for versatile styling options

  • Utilizes ionic technology to reduce frizz and dry hair quickly

  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for travel

  • Popular choice among travelers

  • Available in various colors

  • Suitable for use worldwide

Top 2. Laifen Swift Premium: The best travel hair dryer for Europe

Did you know that you can choose your preferred plug socket before ordering the Laifen Swift Premium blow dryer? You can choose between a European or UK plug, depending on where you're traveling, to ensure that your Laifen blow dryer works effortlessly. Alternatively, grab a travel adaptor and use your Laifen dryer no matter where you are.

Like the Swift Special, the Premium is an ionic hair dryer with a powerful brushless motor. It is capable of drying your hair 5.5x faster than other products on the market, which is why it's such a good choice as a travel dryer.

With the Premium's rapid drying time, you don't have to wait in your hotel room for ages as your hair dries. Simply choose your preferred drying temperature and blow dry your hair to perfection - it's as simple as that.


  • Customizable plug socket options (European or UK)

  • Works worldwide with a travel adaptor

  • Utilizes ionic technology and a powerful brushless motor

  • Dries hair 5.5 times faster than competitors

  • Rapid drying eliminates waiting time

  • Adjustable drying temperature for personalized styling

Top 3. Laifen Swift: The best small travel hair dryer

If size is your biggest concern, you can opt for the Laifen Swift as the best small travel hair dryer. It features exactly the same capabilities as the Laifen Swift Special, but it doesn't come with the additional attachments. Therefore, it requires less space in your carry-on luggage or checked bag.


  • Ideal for travelers prioritizing size

  • Same capabilities as the Laifen Swift Special, minus additional attachments

  • Compact design saves space in carry-on or checked luggage

The verdict

We rate the Laifen Swift Special as the best travel hair dryer, thanks to its lightweight design, fast drying times, and its ionic technology. Still, any of the Laifen dryers can be a great option as you travel, as they are all lightweight and extremely portable.

Don't forget to order a Laifen travel bag to accompany your hair dryer. It’s the ideal size to pack away your dryer with one attachment, and it will keep your Laifen dryer safe as you travel the world!

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