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The best hair dryer in 2024 to rock your styling world

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Are you looking for the best hair dryer to rock your styling world in 2024? If so, you've come to the right place.

At Laifen, we have four superb ionic blow dryers that feature powerful brushless motors and various unique features that help you dry your hair to perfection.

Here, we explain why Laifen dryers are the pick of the bunch and introduce you to the four dryers within our range, each suitable for slightly different purposes.

1: Laifen Swift Premium: The best professional hair dryer

Cost: $293.99

Colors available: Golden pink, golden white, and golden blue

Best feature: Luxury materials & exceptional build quality for a premium look

The Laifen Swift Premium is the best hair dryer for anyone looking for a salon-grade blow dryer in 2024. The Premium incorporates the pioneering technology that Laifen dryers are renowned for while boasting a premium finish that would make pro stylists envious.

Specifically, the Laifen Swift Premium is capable of drying your hair 5.5 times faster than most other dryers thanks to its powerful brushless motor. It also has ionic technology, which releases negative ions during the drying process for more efficient drying and better frizz management.

Available in three stunning colors, the Swift Premium is our number one pick and is the best hair dryer for stylists, influencers, and anyone looking for a salon-grade blow dryer in 2024.

2: Laifen Swift Special: The best hair dryer with diffuser

Cost: $320.99

Colors available: Silver blue, matte black, pearl white, and petal pink

Best feature: Three styling attachments for greater control when drying

Another of the best hair dryers to consider in 2024 is the Laifen Swift Special. In fact, we rank it as the best hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. A diffuser can be used to style and blow dry your hair more efficiently. it helps to diffuse heat around your hair, which prevents you from overheating one specific area of your hair.

People with wavy and curly hair get the most out of using a diffuser, particularly when used alongside the adjustable heat settings, as a diffuser works well on cool or medium heat.

In addition to the diffuser, the Laifen Swift Special dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle and a magnetic styling nozzle. Both help you to achieve different styles and give you the chance to elevate your home styling goals.

Overall, if you're looking for the best hair dryer for curly hair, the Laifen Swift Special with a diffuser attachment is the best option for you.

3: Laifen Swift: The best travel hair dryer

Cost: $293.99

Colors available: Matte black, petal pink, silver blue, and pearl white

Best feature: Super lightweight and portable, making it the perfect travel dryer

If you're looking for the best travel hair dryer in 2024, look no further than the original Laifen Swift. It is super lightweight and compact, packing a lot of features and top performance into a convenient handheld device.

If you travel often for work or play, the Laifen Swift is the best hair dryer to pack in your bag. Its compact size means you can easily take it in your carry-on luggage. To protect the Swift, you can invest in the Laifen travel bag, which will help to keep your dryer safe on the move.

As for performance, the Laifen Swift offers whisper-quiet drying that is more than five times faster than other dryers on the market. For less than $200, the Laifen Swift provides you with a premium dryer on the go, and it ranks as one of the best hair dryers for natural hair.

Laifen dryers VS other hair dryers

As you can see, each of the dryers within the Laifen range has unique features and an impressive design. As a result, a Laifen dryer is the best hair dryer you can buy in 2024! But how do Laifen dryers compare to other hair dryers? Use the handy comparison table below as a guide:

Laifen dryers

Other hair dryers 

✅ Adjustable heat settings for greater temperature control  

One heat setting (usually hot) 

✅ Ionic technology and a brushless motor to eliminate frizz 

Dryers without ionic technology make it much more difficult to control frizz

✅ Extremely fast drying times (5.5x faster than most other dryers)

❌ Though not necessarily slow, other dryers don't have as powerful motors as Laifen dryers, which means they dry your hair more slowly 

✅ Super lightweight and extremely portable - they're perfect for travel

❌ Ceramic dryers and those made from other materials tend to be bulkier and heavier, meaning they're more difficult to travel with

The verdict

Laifen is the best hair dryer brand in 2024, with four premium dryers that suit different preferences, as illustrated above. All of our dryers feature ionic technology for more efficient drying, as well as adjustable heat settings for improved control or performance.

Whether you opt for the affordable SE or the high-end Swift Special with several attachments, a Laifen dryer can rock your styling world and help you achieve your hair goals in 2024.

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